Video game stocks: Thumbs at the ready
We've come a long way since Pacman. Here's our pick of the companies ahead of the (video) game.
US Fashion stocks: Strut your stuff
The trendiest fashion stocks on the market, and the price tags to match.
Meat stocks: Sink your teeth into these
These meaty stocks are sure to fill up your portfolio with the protein it needs to thrive.
Female-led stocks: Who rules the world?
Who run the world? GIRLS. If Beyonce says it, it must be true, and these stocks are the proof.
Space stocks: To infinity and beyond
Billionaires may have made it to the moon, but the space industry is just getting started, and the sky is far from the limit.
Elon Musk stocks: Musk a move
This techno-king is known for moving markets in a big way. Can you keep up?
Environmentally friendly stocks: Going green
It's not easy being green, or so sang Kermit. But these guys are doing a pretty good job.
Trucking stocks: Keep on truckin'
Trucking may not sound sexy, but it can still pack a punch. Here's how to make your portfolio road-friendly.
Cruise stocks: Taking to the high seas
It's not just sun seekers who like cruising. Investors can earn a pretty penny from this massive tourism sector.
Gold stocks: All that glitters…
Everyone loves something shiny. These gold stocks are treasure when it comes to hedging your bets.
Bitcoin forks: “Stick a fork in it… oh, now there’s two of them.”
These tokens decided to add a little edge. Take a look at the forks that left everyone scratching their heads.
Alt forks: The path less taken. But still pretty profitable
It's not just Bitcoin that makes the headlines. These digital coins have also forked down the path less taken.
Stablecoins: Strong, stable, and fully decentralized. Ish.
We know the crazy world of crypto can be daunting, so here are some tokens linked to something solid.
Storage crypto: Crypto meets Dropbox
Decentralize someone’s dog pictures… and get paid for it? Live the dream with these blockchain-based storage coins.
Interest-earning crypto wallets: Put your digital money to work
Why not let your crypto wallet earn its keep while you're out crushing the market?
Greenwashing stocks: Companies involved in environmental scandals
Green is the new black, but some of these companies don't seem to have got the memo.
Wallstreetbets stocks: Making the meme
Retail investors unite! Check out the meme stocks that have benefited big from the social media frenzy.
Gen 2: Crypto is here to stay - and it's brought some friends…
After Gen 1 came a period of refinement, kickstarted with the founding of Ethereum in July 2015.
Gen 1 crypto: Humble beginnings…
Even the biggest beasts have to start somewhere. Gen 1 starts with the birth of our beloved Bitcoin in Jan 2009.
IoT: Scalable, secure, and able to restock your refrigerator
Our computers aren't the only things connected to the internet. Expand your mind with these utility tokens.
Top Alt coins: Stepping outside the box
Altcoins encompass about 40% of market volume. Basically, they're not Bitcoin.
Proof of Stake: Seeking validation?
These coins have adopted the greener Proof of Stake concept, considered by some as the future of crypto.
Proof of Work: Embracing the crunch
Some crypto stocks to (Proof of) Work into your portfolio. See what we did there?
Gen 3 crypto: A new day dawns…
Welcome to the future, where crypto is king. Here are some of the currencies developed post-2017.
Hong Kong stocks: Gateway to China
Fast-growing, attractive, and a hotspot for internationals – three things that describe both Hong Kong and its stock market.
Self-drive stocks: Cars of the future
Self-driving cars have gone from being a thing of the future to a very real feature of today. Here's our pick of the best.
Marijuana stocks: Smokin' hot pot
Cannabis, at least legal forms, has become big business – and the companies selling it are raking in the big bucks.
Brazil stocks: Beautiful and bountiful
Brazil's 1990s liberalization opened the floodgates, and investors have been benefiting ever since.
Indian stocks: Racing ahead
Home to over a billion people, India offers a whole heap of potential.
Covid stocks: Remote returns
The 2020 Covid pandemic kickstarted some serious climbers – but can they keep up the momentum?
Tech stocks: Switched on securities
Get your portfolio turned up to the max with these top tech stocks to watch.
Recession-proof stocks: Bucking the trend
An economic downturn is bad for everyone... but what about those stocks that benefit from year-round demand?
Chinese stocks: Chasing the dragon
Massive domestic demand, boatloads of innovation, and super competitive production costs. It's a win-win-win.
Japan: Land of the rising stocks
From your games console to the car you drive, you've probably used something made in Japan today.
US stocks: All-American heroes
The US stock market hosts some of the biggest companies in the world, and we can't imagine a life without Uncle Sam.
Moonshot stocks: Ready for lift-off?
These moonshot companies are set for meteoric rises. Can you spot the ones on the way up?
Saudi stocks: Edging away from oil
Foreign investment is the name of the game in this desert-filled country, which is rich in oil reserves and culture.
UAE stocks: City of Gold
The UAE's economy is as blindingly bright as its twinkling buildings and scorching sun.
AI stocks: Rise of the machines
The robot revolution is here, with big companies around the world making use of high tech AI at every turn.
South Korean stocks: Electric opportunities
Geography may not be on South Korea's side, but its market-leading electronics companies certainly are.
Bermuda stocks: Can anyone say "tax haven"?
An underwater paradise and one of the largest offshore electronic securities markets in the world.
Bachelor party stocks: Everything but the hangover
Everything you could ever need for the perfect bachelor party. You're welcome.
Funniest stock tickers
A quick giggle at a naughty or nice ticker to brighten up your portfolio.
ETH-based crypto: Copy, paste, profit
Ethereum forms the basis of the growing DeFi market, and here are some of our favourite ETH-based tokens.
Decentralized Finance (DeFi): "There's an app for that!"
Like the Swiss Army Knife of crypto, DeFi apps are digital tools that strip away the middleman.
Up-and-coming crypto: The best of the rest
Combining the best of digital innovation and modern fintech, here are some of the top alternative options.
Legacy stocks: Keeping it in the family
From big cheeses like Walmart to mom-and-pops made good, there are listed family businesses than you might think.
Airline stocks: Ready for take-off?
Whether it's budget budget baby, or first class all the way, these airline stocks will get you going.
Taiwan stocks: Booming electronics
Taiwan is a young country, but since its breakaway from China it's built one of the region's strongest economies.
Turkish stocks: Exports ahoy
Popularity can be a fickle thing, so tread carefully in this export-focused stock market.
Political stocks: The corridors of power
The government has its fingers in a lot of pies, and when it makes a move, the ripple effect can be real…
Biotech stocks: A shot in the arm
Though most would happily forget the 2020 pandemic, these biotech stocks have gotten a shot in the arm.
UK stocks: Best of British
It might be small in size but it's mighty in stature.
Food delivery stocks: Feeding the masses
Covid-19 was a gift for food delivery firms. Here are some stocks that enjoyed the silver lining of lockdown.
Vegan stocks: Meat-free
A meat-free diet is no longer seen as a niche lifestyle, so here's a bunch of companies cooking up a vegan storm.
Olympic Sponsors Stocks: Going for Gold
It's been a tough old year, but the Olympic Games give the whole world a chance to pull together.
Media stocks: Life in the spotlight
Content may be King, but these stocks are the Kings of Content.
World's oldest companies: Old age perfomers
With age comes wisdom, and these companies have both in bucket-loads.
Casino stocks: On the house
The casino market is on the up and up, so maybe its time to think about moving your bets over.
Weird and wonderful: Odd stocks!
Take a dive into the world of the weird, and the wonderful ways these niche stocks can make (or take) your money.