So lets just jump in.
From the point at Jan 8th The very top. We suffered a steep decline that followed BTCUSD
From there we get a slice retrace about to the 13k region followed by another heavy decline to 7k.
This is proving to be a very volatile coin, and it seems to flucuate with BTCUSD .

From the next coming week, and opposite for the weeks prior. I think we will begin an uptrend.
From this point of low 1STBTC we are at 5807. I see us rising to minimum 7000 sats before the next couple of days.
THis is because of the volatility . The successful speach from the council in the USA. and the fact because it follows bitcoin and bitcoin has been on a rise and this has yet to see it.

I drew some proprietary charting techniques so you can see the trend lines described and how i feel that the coins trend will be affected by them.
keep in mind this is zero fundamental analysis and is strictly based on TA.
This coin could have just went bankrupt for all I know so make sure you guys all do your due diligeance before investing into a currency that you have limited knowledge on. I for one do i not have equity in this as my funds are tied up into other assets so this isnt a pump and dump that im trying to get. This is a good opportunity for alot of people and seeing how we have been in a defecite lately you might be able to jump on this and get a good gain.

THank you for your time and reviewing my post and i hope you can find in beneficial to you as i know some people already have !

Check out my website and my twitter information on my front page. That should lead you in the direction of ways to get ahold of me. :)

The Crypto Genie!
I did some chart analysis with Advanced RSI's and came to a relatively similar buy zone w/ 3900 range being the bottom. Good post!
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