Trade Like A BOSS! Apple! (AAPL) =D

Hi friends! Let's take a break from crypto, and take a look at the largest company in the world — Apple! This is a weekly chart, so each candle represents an entire week's worth of trading. As I was looking at this chart, I noticed that a nice bull flag has developed just under the top of the uptrend channel . Apple has actually been trading inside of this channel since 2007, so price action is at a very interesting point right now. Looking closer at the bull flag , we can see that it has already broken out to the upside, but there is a bit of hesitation going on, as it approaches the major overhead resistance. I am very interested in this, as a potential trade, because if AAPL breaks the top of this uptrend channel , it will be the first time since 2007! That will be an incredibly bullish sign, and AAPL would be in a very strong position to charge higher. We can see that AAPL has been riding the 20 EMA (in blue,) as it moves higher, so if I do decide to place a trade, I will probably use the 20 EMA as a stop location. If AAPL does break the topside of this channel, it could have a strong surge higher. There is a bit of a negative divergence happening with the MACD , but that doesn't necessarily mean that AAPL can't break out. I will be paying close attention to see if a breakout occurs. If it does, and if I see confirmation of the move, that will be my buy signal.

This has been your not-so-humble market wizard, droppin' knowledge like bombs in this place! Please follow, comment, like, and share on social media! Good luck trading everyone. I'm out!

***This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.***

-MPC loves you-

and this is why crypto traders should stay away from real markets. lol
@JackMush, Well he was proved right ... spoke too soon!
Any updates? Thank you
Nice TA. Please keep us updated. Thank you.
BTW, could you do more TA on stocks?
what do you think of SHOP and SQ?
My idea is more like your recent forecasts on crypto - quite bearish on the long term.

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@sadburai, That could definitely happen, which is why it's very important look for a breakout with confirmation, before taking a long positions in AAPL. Thank for sharing! -MPC-
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sadburai MagicPoopCannon
@MagicPoopCannon, looks like the flag was not confirmed. Let's see if the 200 EMA will be broken.

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