Aurora , High in the sky.

ACB is likely going to acquire CMED & HIP , and become the largest LP in the world.

For what ever reason, i feel like ACB will just keep on climbing. Many new investors just entering the sector now.

Let the bidding wars continue in this speculation driven market.
評論: No worries here, We made a new high, and we will see it get Higher and Higher.

A little up and down is to be expected!

Have a good weekend !
Wha gwan fam, where do you think ACB will go after a correction and after they acquired CMED?!?!?! I had a feeling the price would drop a little considering the allocation of shares to CMED shareholders but i have high hopes for ACB! ACB has been good to me these last couple of months and im thinking they can hit$25-$30 before or after legalization in july!
I never believed they would make the acquisition; what would you recommend as a reasonable value at which to buy-in? I just sold at 1.57 after acquiring for .59 a share.
JohnGalt777 prizrak2033
@prizrak2033, my dude , I'm not sure if those prices make sense when talking about ACB? what stock are you wondering about?
Smurf44 prizrak2033
@prizrak2033, Bro you must be talking a next stock?
Disclaimer: I sold yesterday. I feel like ACB will have to heavily dilute in order to acquire CMED (and HIP that they never wanted to be part of the equation). I feel like the speculation will continue, but it will most likely subject itself to heavily overbought conditions and correct hard - just a thought.
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@BAIND, great comment , i agree with you.

Where are you taking your gains? Have you established a position in RTI yet? Last chance to grab some under 2$ imo. A lot of the growers are priced quite high, i think the smaller service companies and hemp companies will do quite well over the next 6 months in comparison
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@BAIND, I'm in agreement with John Galt on this one RTI is due to climb and at around 1.85-1.87 it's not too late to get in.
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