$ADA out of the triangle and going up

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Seems that it is a good time to entry $ADA with no stop limit, no stop loss. Hold mid-long term
For a better understanding move from 1-day view to 4-hour view.
No stop loss? Ouch.
TUDORm longmoney
@longmoney, I am not day-trading but rather investing for medium (1 month) and long term. Usually stop-losses are hit in crypto and then they bounce back really hard.
@TUDORm, I love when I'm stopped out. Well, maybe not love. But if I'm wicked out. It adds more data for me to consider. I like to know I am wrong asap. Take the small loser, because more often than not, I can get a better entry. But yes I agree, difference between trading (day/swing) and investment. I just never had the stomach to hold long when waves provide many opportunities for profits.
Thanks for your input.
longmoney longmoney
@longmoney, Interstingly we're both long on ADA :-)
Albeit, with slightly different approaches. The destination is the same.
TUDORm longmoney
@longmoney, Thank you for explaining how you think. For me, only when it goes below my entry point with 20% I keep some BTC to buy a bit more than I bought at the beginning. Everyone has different approaches and time thought me that for me this works the best. Good luck!
Why does your time scale say we are half way through Feb?
@o2js, I never look at the time and correlate it with my counts. Just use it to adjust the chart. That's what I do. Some people call days and targets. But for me? I don't know when, and propose trajectory and zones. Time is not a factored in component. Thats just me.
@o2js, if you move the pointer on where we are today you will see down there highlighted the correct date, this is how tradingview shows its charts..
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