DISCLAIMER: I just want to make clear that I'm fairly new to this market, so any opinions and advices are welcome! This could all be wrong but lets hope not! :)
After doing 12345 Waves Cardano ( ADA ) is now doing ABC , A is done and B is almost done, so when C hits at the Leading Span A (Green Line on the Ichimoku Cloud ) it's mostly going to bounce back up and do another 12345, another thing that may indicate the uptrend of ADABTC is that point 4 and point C are a double bottom pattern, so in MY opinion point C is a good entry point for those who aren't yet on this coin.
Once again to wrap things up, this is MY opinion! Don't take what I say for granted!
Have a nice day.

By doing Fib Retracement we reach a conclusion that C is a good point for the end of this cycle, which means a new 12345 will start once it bounces of C.

It reach this exact moment the Fib retracement of 1 (2493 sats), we now need to wait to see where the 3H candle close
評論: t broke inside of the cloud but it came back up (Rejected by cloud: good sign)
After C is done (which is "soon") A new 12345 wave will start, so I would recommend C as a good entry point for holding untill point 1 3 and 5.

C has ended (in MY opinion) which means a new 12345 is starting (as we can see wikth that big green candle)
Hold strong!

ADABTC is stabilizing, by using Ichimoku Indicators we can see thank (on the 3H chart) Tenkan < Kijun and they are almosto horizontal which means the price won't change much for now, the price is bouncing between the 0.382 and 0.236 Fib numbers, be careful if one of them breaks and the candle closes bellow! If it breaks dow the next "support" is the cloud (Leading span A)

Tenkan crossed Kijun upwards and the candles are onl touching the Kijun they aren't crossing it bellow. Good signs
手動結束交易: ADABTC price is consolidating inside the cloud, won't change much untill it breaks (either up or down..) Be careful! Trade safe!
Hodl is life
取消訂單: ADABTC price is consolidating inside the cloud, won't change much untill it breaks (either up or down..) Be careful! Trade safe!
Hodl is life
手動結束交易: I ended up closing all my alts positions because of all this BTC is doing.
good !
I want to load up a bit more. I wonder how long this consolidation phase will last. Any ideas?
@XmOkEy, everything bellow $13k is a good buy, you got to take the most out of this dips, who knows BTC will be $100k in a few years...
Regarding the time of the, I don’t know... 2-6 days max in my opinion (that’s how much previous corrections took)
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XmOkEy angel_lobs
@angel_lobs, Last correction after the spike took 15 days! That was painful :) I think BTC will be much higher than 100k in a few years but that's another story. I'll just load up a bit more of ADA. Thanks for your input!
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@XmOkEy, oh god I tought this was the BTCUSD Idea, my bad sorry :/ as for ADABTC you should’ve bought earlier.. correction is done in my opinion, you can buy the dips of 2 and 4 on the next cycle
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XmOkEy angel_lobs
@angel_lobs, I bought weeks ago :) Still didn't take any profits but so far I'm up 250%. I want to take some profits on the way up of the next cycle and make some free coins.
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@XmOkEy, same did I ahahaha well done! Just ‘hodl’! Cardano will be big in the future! Great team, great project... anyways sorry for the misunderstanding
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XmOkEy angel_lobs
@angel_lobs, no worries at all :) Lets wait for it to fire up again!
@XmOkEy, indeed! All the best for your! Good luck.
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@XmOkEy, load up now arround 2.7k sats.. it’s consolidating, ADA is a long term coin so hodl is life.
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