$ADA Descending Triangle Looking Bearish

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
I'm hodling a bag of $ADA. We're at the peak of the descending triangle . Very bearish signal. This can still turn up and break up. Tomorrow is going to be a huge deciding day with Weiss issuing a rating on currencies including $ADA.

I'm hoping to see a positive movement but its very precarious right now.
How much dip is expected to load up ada
Tilt101 ravindersinghchopra1
@ravindersinghchopra1, Traditionally its the height of the triangle which would put it down to 0.0000200 area. That's pure textbook, things rarely fall that far. I would load bags around 350 sats.

That being said, with the bullish market this morning, ADA is breaking upward away from doom. Weiss ratings come out today, anything less than a B could bring us back to earth.

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ad-min Tilt101
@CryptoLink, ADA got a B-. Did you close your short?
@ad-min, Never entered a short. Have to choose "Long, Neutral or Short" when doing the charts. The chart was bearish so I chose short. The explanation explained I was hodling a bag and waiting to see the report + movement. ADA broke upwards instead of down, the small catalyst of the Weiss report turned this from bear to bull. Amazing how tight the triangle came right at report time.

So I held through it all and am happy.

FYI : Weiss reports were complete less than useless. Just going to act as FUD for good projects by putting DOGE and XRP in the same category.
agree. weekly chart tells me down. i'm waiting to buy in
Tjhunt jamikr
@jamikr, I hope it corrects too then I can get a big bag of ADA for my long term portfolio :)
*fingers crossed*
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