ADABTC - ADA Elliot Wave Complete, Ready To Impulse (OVERSOLD)

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
Hi, this is Rafael, from CryptoTwins.

This is my view on Cardano ( ADA             ).

ADA             Chart has just finished an Elliot Waves pattern and may be preparing for another Impulse Wave.
Also, RSI is showing Oversold and Stoch RSI perfectly spotted.
It's sitting on a support zone begging to bounce at anytime.

Buy-Zone: From 4800 up to 5200 Satoshis.


1st - 6000 Satoshis
2nd - 6800 Satoshis
3rd - 7650 Satoshis
4th - 9100 Satoshis.

Stop-Loss: Below 4700 Satoshis.

This is a mid-long term view, ALL Targets may hit in the next days. Cardano is a good project to a long term investment on our view.

Best Regards,
Rafa. - The Best Educated Trading Signals
交易進行: ADA is getting fuel and starting to pump. First Target got hit, we may sell 10-15% of our coins here and re-buy just IF it drop below 5600 again.
交易進行: Well, ADA has got attention now. I hope you've filled your bags. We may chill a little after 2nd Target. Enjoy this holding.
Still on a down trend... should we lower stop loss or keep riding and buy on the lows?
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@Y05H1, It's trending up. Futures already trading higher than Exchanges and All Bull Setup is still here. Targets are the same.
Nice. Really detailed post. Can cardano go higher than 9k satoshi given the coming updates?
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@Patrick2121, Hey! For sure, i'm aiming higher than 9k satoshis in the long term ride (2-4 months)
wanted to say thanks for a number of reasons: 1. you show confluence of several trading indicators. 2. you have profit targets. 3. you have decided your stop loss before you entered trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. People posting ideas on tradingview need to learn from your example dude!
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@liqidzen, Really appreciate your feedback! Thanks for it. We will try to keep the good work always improving to share the best with you.
Not going to trade my Cardano, Its an excellent coin for long term :)
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@MahyarDean, Great holding! Thanks for your feedback.
thanks :)
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@HeshamSaied, You're welcome. Happy trading.
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