Cardano ADA - Trade (25% Profit)

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Hello traders,

Fast trade on the go,

Cardano is now on a falling wedge and should be breaking out soon on next days...

Entry zone: Yellow Circle

Take Profit 1: 10% Zone

Take Profit 2: 25% Zone

Stop Loss: 31130sats.

I will update this trade soon! Dont miss this one!

If you like my trades be sure to like and follow me for more!

not valid.
@klimauk, thats correct...btc killing all alts, thats why i said entry on breakout, entering a trade when btc is crashing is too risky :)
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btc is dumping and s are sorry guys. at bitmex you can go short on this
RodrigoFAC HansWurst31
@HansWurst31, exactly my friend...for now is too risky to enter a trade while btc is dumping...i will update soon the post for entry point!
it's safe to play in an out the subwaves? Not seeing a lot of volume coming
@MikeHero, its not safe because of BTC atm, yellow zone should be a good entry point, RSI oversold,but if you want to play safe, buy the breakout.
probably wont give a chance to enter at yellow circle. already had a double bottom at 3320sats
@d8tltanc, lets wait for a breakout! I still think we are going to go to yellow circle, because we have heavy resistance up...for now wouldnt enter the trade, only wait!
RodrigoFAC RodrigoFAC
@RodrigoFAC, still have doubts? :D i can see the future my friend...
Elunium RodrigoFAC
@RodrigoFAC, Hahaha
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