BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
in the world of graphs and cryptos.. there's never been a more pure example of a good product out he gates, MAXIMUM buying power and subject to current market conditions examples than ADA . In my opinion, ADA has the team, the knowledge and the drive to have everyone on board. The question is.. How to I maximize profits to the top!?

LUCKLIY ADA has fallen perfectinly into a nice Elliot wave structure. Most of these lines are from before the pump. ADA has been a ballarina of charts to this point
評論: ADA is such a resilient coin. Instead of dipping it goes flat and lets time go by to finish its structures. I'll take note of this in the future of graphing ADA's dips.
評論: ADA NO DIP >:
評論: Guess I was 100% on this one. Just wanted to point out an interesting feature -> the dip has a wick that's long enough to touch the baseline of the major wedge... that's just cool.
Do you also do analysis on binance?
you've been right most of the time recently. can you update on this?
roaken krobolin
@krobolin, I doubled down last night on ADA, We're on a bull run but I have no structure yet to base next run on yet. It's BIG
krobolin roaken
@roaken, good call.. i've been bought since ~3500 sats
So it is good to buy ada now?
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I am new to this, I come back to this chart whenever I need to understand ADA, its great! Thank you!
So is this the lowest it will go? Do you think its in a buy zone now?
roaken chat00
@chat00, Yeah, I just bought back in today at this price
Great TA. Your analysis clear, even for somone brand new to this, and you update! Oh yer, and you're ACCURATE :)
roaken RonaldTDump
@RonaldTDump, Thank you! I come from a background as Hollywood Art Director and advanced mathematics in college so my approach is a combination spacial balance and Fibonacci for guidance. I feel the problem with most of the graphs I see is there's no understanding of the body language of the specific chart. ADA, for example, holds flat on its dips and flows out on its bull runs. Unlike ETH which is a beast of sharpness and continues FIB sequences.
Has ADA completed now? Perfect .618 retracement. BUY ZONE now?
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