Cardano - ADA - at important level!

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin

The price of Cardano cryptocurrency quoted for Bitcoinia ADABTC was at an important target level, which is at 161% Fibo at 0.000066. This is the typical range of the third internal wave, so the fourth wave is now expected to be adjusted to local support at 0.000059. Nevertheless, the third wave can be further extended to 0.000076 before the fourth wave will start. There is still one more wave to the upside left anyway, wave five, with a target at 0.000092 minimum.

If support is broken at 0.000059, the next support is at 0.000045.


Main trend: UP

Intermediate trend: UP

Daily trend: UP (price at a key level)

Key levels:

- for further increases - 0.000066 and later 0.000076

- for continuation of correction - level 0.000066 and later 0.000059

- for the continuation of decreases - the level 0.000045

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PPS: The next analysis of the next cryptocurrency will be published, if this post receives a min. 50 likes. :)
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Nice idea! Here is my humble TA :)
Nice work... hope this isnt literally saying downtrend till March right? haha... assuming the lines are more current
Lol this coin will retrace atleast 50% of the price now. These coins do this before btc rallies and once it does , coins burn bad
HalvardS B-Madoff
@B-Madoff, I hope so as I'm out, but I actually doubt it this time. Cardano is a game changer! Wondering if I should go long and come back in 1 year LOL
Cryptocles B-Madoff
@B-Madoff, doubt it.
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Please work on xlm. Thank you
+3 回覆
ADA =2.5 ( 13/1/17 )
+3 回覆
Looking forward to the update. Could you also work on an analysis of XRB? I believe this is very promising the coming month.
Thanks for the good work so far!
+1 回覆
Is it good invest now? I have been following from quite a days but could not buy for one or the reason.
any update?
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