Cardano Wedge!

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
1140 10
I just noticed the wedge for Cardano. Would love to know your thoughts fellow traders if you agree.

Not sure if anyone else has already published this.

We seem to be completing the final wave before we go up!

評論: I used the 1 hour chart for as it was clearer to post. Though the pattern remains the same on the 4 hour as well. MacD. If this is correct then we are very close to some very bullish movement.
評論: Moment of truth approaching soon. are we bouncing up? or are we going to linger to the edge first? MFI and the RSI on the 4hour shows money is starting to come in. Lets see if this will build up. Volumes are consistent with the waves in a wedge - slowly getting lower and lower until it breaks up. Looking good so far! Please let me know if you agree. Would gladly accept your views!
評論: Keep an eye out for the MACD for confirmation. it hasn't started to curve yet but should soon as the MFI and RSI has already done so.
評論: Just to add my 2 cents again- not sure if you guys have noticed the cup and handle as well on the 1 day charts.

The wedge we are currently in would be the handle.

So therefore we now have 2 reliable bullish indications.
Please see my other post for the chart which will elaborate....
can it be like this?
@TUDORm, please show the waves counts. you could be correct. But I did it they way I did as I saw clearly defined waves.
wazzmatazz wazzmatazz
@wazzmatazz, The wave were are in is a symmetrical wave. If I am correct. Wave B is not so small compared to wave A as it is at the start of the wave contraction.
wazzmatazz wazzmatazz
@wazzmatazz, apologies for all the type errors. Typing really quickly and not checking.
TUDORm wazzmatazz
@wazzmatazz, thanks !
like the looks of it
yep totally agree i've been watching it too. ! i still think its a few days out though. any thoughts you have on when?
@jamikr, Really difficult to predict the time period. It could go right to the edge of the wedge or it could decide to test the bottom of the wedge at anytime and then just shoot up.
Thank you.
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