ADA BTC first target 40% gain

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
ADA is headed up towards its first target CCI is Looking great.

First target should be the .5 fib level which is around a 40% gain.
Ada is looking very bullish on both 1 day chart and 1 hour. CCI is indicating a buy.

Stop can be place at previous support. It is unlikely we will head for that area.
Breaking the next fib level and finding support there will indicate a reversal and test of previous highs.

As always do your own TA first before making any decisions.
i'm confused. why are you shorting this?
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kazor12 pisces38
@pisces38, ^^.... What he said...
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CryptoLeese pisces38
@pisces38, A lot of people on here seem to use the term "short" for short term trade, rather that actually shorting the coin as such. As an options trader, that confused the hell out of me when I first signed up lol
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AlexZamora pisces38
@pisces38, on trading view people use the word short to classify trades that are short term
pisces38 AlexZamora
@AlexZamora, I work in finance. shorting means borrowing money from your broker. selling it NOW and replacing said security buying it back for a lower price. PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS. THATS WHAT SHORTING MEANS. and it very risky. because you have unlimited risk and limit profit potential (an investment can go up indefinitely and only drop down to zero)
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pisces38 pisces38
@pisces38, short doesnt not mean short term trade. LOL. it means you are betting AGAINST it.
pisces38 pisces38
@pisces38, borrowing a security or investment from you broker* not money sorry.**
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