BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
I can say with certainty that ADA has followed my Elliot Wave charts perfectly to this point so I have no reason to believe it won't continue. That being said, strap it for WAVE 5 on the larger structure. I'm expecting 3 smaller Elliot Wave corrections along the wave 5 that will look more like steps. Little dips and NO buy-in opportunities, just flags of position on the rise.
評論: orange horizontal lines are based on the "Trend-based FIB Extension" tool
Do you think its possible it's a bear trap like the one in June? Or is just a ABC correction before the 5th wave? Bought around 6600 and I'm having second thoughts.. Any advice is welcome.
roaken DavidFontes
@DavidFontes, Good point. Two thoughts so far, we didn't get the height I was expecting on this first leg and also waiting for more volume. with the 3rd wave coming up soon, I'm expecting some volume spikes. Usually, these happen after the horizontal FIB lines are breached

Buying at 6600 is right on the major trend line so good news is, if you give it time you'll be up. Also in regards to June's huge waves back to zero, time will tell. Previous graphs are not always indicative of future.
@roaken, Thanks for the insight and keep up the good work
Anyone know how to update your charts? I'm constantly adjusting as new patterns are formed. Today's highs didn't hit the FIB extension and I want to adjust and share in the same post. I've seen other use the snapshot tool but can't find it. Open to any info on this subject
Roaken, You're charts are always spot on... again, can you please put up your wallet so we can tip... my entire Discord follows you and one other guy
roaken starslasher15
@starslasher15, haha awesome man. Thank you! Tips welcome :) LTC: LXYzFvbiJxGsShHSGgk62rewoW6vRiugJf
I like to share my ideas because it keeps me accountable. I always go back through each and every post to see where I was right and wrong and am always striving to get more accurate.
nice roaken! keep up the good work :)
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