Cardano to crash but rebound to new ATH's?

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
ABC correction is over and it is currently holding at a strong support level . This will break when the CME Futures expire on bitcoin , causing the entire market to collapse. After the crash, the entire market will likely enter a bull market in the shape of an elliot wave as new futures are placed at long positions.

Conclusion - Short and buy the dip. Place buy orders at 30 thousand satoshis and prepare to ride the wave up.

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評論: At the moment, I am not seeing the signs I anticipated in the hours before the crash. It looks like the bears have not moved to push prices down prior to the futures expiring but there still is a chance that it could happen.
評論: Bitcoin:
The crash has come with an expected double bottom as it would be WAY to hard and costly to manipulate prices down below 9000 and would be against what the futures holders master plan. Bull run expected after this.
Buy: $9200 | 75%
Buy: $8500 | 25%

Altcoins: When bitcoin bottoms at these prices buy up. It is very unlikely that bitcoin will drop further.
Hi, what would be the buying price ?
@SphinX21, At the bottom of the dip.
how do we know for sure that on 26th Jan it will crash? I hope it will so it will provide a more bullish market and good entry points but just wondering, is it a sure thing it will dip on 26th?
99j.coryn Remm_Unknown
@Remm_Unknown, nothing is certain. It's all about probabilities. A "crash" on the 26th is very probable. I also look forward to this scenario and I will anticipate my trading on this "crash".
Remm_Unknown 99j.coryn
@99j.coryn, Yes your right, just wish I could ride a wave but I am standing on the sidelines seems like I have missed todays waves.. hopefully on the 26th there will be a nice dip
99j.coryn Remm_Unknown
@Remm_Unknown, same here, wasn't worth the risk imo. Volume really isn't there
Remm_Unknown 99j.coryn
@99j.coryn, I was going to go into XLM but didn't and that has increased a good 30% things like this I keep missing out on.. I guess sometimes they pay off and sometimes they don't.. do you think anything will breakout that hasn't yet? Or are you gonna hold off until 26th?
99j.coryn Remm_Unknown
@Remm_Unknown, ah that's a shame. You can't always catch them. I recommend to focus on few coins. Keep real good track of their charts and all the analysis that come with them. I'm waiting for the 26th and I'm waiting for BTC to find its direction. When that happens, most coins will rise. I'm looking at ADA, XRP, BTC, LTC and maybe DGB/XVG/SC.
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Remm_Unknown 99j.coryn
@99j.coryn, I am looking at VEN, NEO, XLM, XRP and ETH mostly. I was hoping NEO would come down but it seems to have shot up alot today so quite frustrating.
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