CARDANO IN BULL DEMAND, 5million succes 3rd Blockchain tech.

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Hello there ...
Welcome to Cardano Millionaire and superb Future of 3rd Generation of Blockchain. Since I analysis Cardano From day1 listed at Bittrex and sustainable ranking top 10 at Coin Market Cap since 1 October 2017,

Price for the starting $0.0247USD. until now, The demand for this coin is following the uptrend.

Duration and speed are good for Future plan Buying ADA and keeping a low price today.

My Technical today is:

1) Price range today at : 1161 @ 1.618% Fibonacci Rectracement / Reward

2) Wave 3 located at price 2107 at graft. @ 4.236% Fibonacci @ wave3 (???)

before price going to max price 2107. Wave 3- Possible will happen new wave inside the wave as a minor wave ABC , this means will belong to maintain 5billion Market sustainably or unsustainable.

A Good range for sustainably (4 Billion - 10Billion).before going 2018. Let's say going to 10biilion market cap that means the price will be at $0.40cent @ wave 3 = 0.00002107 Satoshi. Are you get my picture?

this my simple analysis for the short-term period using standard Fibonacci and wave. Sime time need a new counting wave.

anyone interested in Ada and agrees with my opinion thank a lot.
I write down this technical because I believe my analysis 60-80% accurate. since my trading Experian since 2005 as a trader.

Any question or share the idea.

Thank you.

Thanks for the TA! Any suggestions on this coin for a long term position? Thanks :)
@jkw, hello there,

Cardano the 3rd Generation of Blockchain. anything can happen. honestly $300 possible happen 2020. (long-term)

if the 24hour maintain 100m and above (average daily)... from today.

what do you think mate?
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jkw asgabanz
@asgabanz, jumped 85% over night!
Thnaks for sharing ,
you think we will reach the price 2107 in 7 days ?
BTC went up today wish slowed down many altcoins , even with that you think we can continue going up ?
asgabanz ilyes1505

1)possible is yes (7/10). if we using Fibonacci 8 as a guide line. from starting point wave(A,1).

2) 2 reason in my opinion:

i/BTC going up is good for who already have bitcoin, an advantage to get extra Coin if exchange to Ada.
ii/in trading, rumors, and analysis will change the idea of trader mind to taking advantage or exchange it back to altcoin (mostly btc,eth)

normally a lot of opportunists trader know when the shark will come.

thank you.
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