ADABTC 5th Wave Coming on Daily Chart

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
ADABTC 5th Wave Coming on Daily Chart .

I am not an Adviser But a student of Charts and Analysis.
評論: 6000 target reached, facing some resistance with 9ma daily (same as 50ma 4hr). 6000 was a fib level too. next fib lvl around 7000.
評論: 6000 makes a very strong support now, will make a higher low around 6000-6300 before making next higher high with an attempt to break 7000 lvl.
評論: Probability of 3rd longest wave of 5 sub waves in the main 5th wave can take us to 9000 range.
評論: 5800 retracement on trend line, next 3rd sub wave target t1-7k, t2-9k.
評論: put ur seatbelts on !
評論: small resistance on 6200
評論: Double bottom reversal
評論: If price drop at 5400 and stay for sometime, then it will break the trendline. Careful.
評論: ada price should come back on this trendline, get your stop loss ready on 5500 or 5600.
評論: still getting support on new trendline
評論: temporary , down because of BTC dump, will update after the recovery.
交易進行: Expecting something like this
評論: trianlge breakout is near. Thttps://www. Please Hit a like if you like my idea and target reached, your feedback is really appreciated.
評論: Trendline broke because of BTC correction, wait for BTC correction to complete.
Great call
@Inspirar, Thanks
+1 回覆
I noticed the start of possible reversal today myself. Nice work.
ahmed.abrar007 skedfinger
@skedfinger, Thanks, my earlier ideas - and
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