Cardano (ADA) BULL Flag Breakout Buy Signal

BITTREX:ADAUSDT   Cardano / Tether
Cardano ( ADA ) BULL Flag Breakout Buy Signal

Short Term Double Bottom Buy Signal

I consider Cardano one of the best in the cryptosphere. At still near a dollar this one has as much, if not more, potential as Bitcoin had when it cost a dollar in 2011.

Cardano,, built in the highly secure Haskell programming language, is a decentralised platform that will allow complex programmable transfers of value in a secure and scalable fashion. It is a blockchain technology designed to build a new decentralised economy and democratize finance in emerging markets by allowing decentralised applications and contracts to be built and executed in a low-cost, secure and scalable way. The protocol features a layered blockchain software stack that is flexible, scalable, and is being developed with the most rigorous academic and commercial software standards in the industry. Cardano will use a democratic governance system that will let the project evolve over time, and fund itself sustainably through a visionary treasury system.

Cardano Interview with Charles Hoskinson:

Of course, "this is not financial advice". I'm just sharing my research, thoughts and ideas.

All the best luck trading

Wow, this was a really bad analysis!
Looking like it will bounce again?
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Inspirar gegene
@gegene, Seems to be consolidating some in low volume, while building steam and establishing a good support level for the next move off of. Cardano for me, at least as I see it now, is mostly a long term play. So I think it's really a deal at this level even if it were to drop more in the short term, because I believe, after a good bit of research, that the odds are in it's favor that it could very well go up 10x or more in the next year or 2.
What are your thoughts on cardanos circulating supply. I find it hard for it to go significant higher since so many coins are available. There's no scarcity to it. For example, btc has 21million max supply compared to cardano with 45 billion max supply

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Inspirar Solstics
@Solstics, Good question: First, I think that a number in the billions is a more realistic number towards the objective for the world population vs. the bitcoin numbers in the millions, which make it require such fractional numbers that go against the normal way people are used to dealing in monetary numbers. Second, I think that Cardano still has far less than Ripple in circulation, yet is still approx. a third the value. Cardano (visa Charles Hoskinson, past Ethereum CEO) is more openly presented and their vision is far more clearly articulated by their own leadership that any other in the cryptosphere that at least I have seen (other than maybe Stellar, which has an extremely detailed site). I recommend, if you haven't already, that you go and watch Charles Hoskinson's videos. The quality of the leadership is a very important factor in valuation in my view and I am really impressed by Charles. Also Cardano is still a tenth the market cap as bitcoin, and to be honest I have a lot more faith in their team and vision than bitcoin's (which seems to have lost their way from the original white paper). Thus, I believe Cardano still has a huge amount of potential from this price point. All the best luck trading
Solstics Inspirar
@Inspirar, Very well put, will continue to hodl and review their white paper.
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Cardano seems to be a great investment for short and long term trades. Short term if you have a good volume, long for smaller investments.
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Inspirar BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, Very well stated.
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