Someones Pumping and Dumping these coins

BITTREX:ADTBTC   adToken / Bitcoin
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Basic pump and dump pattern. It means someone is tricking people into buying these coins, since they can't actually trade themselves. These Pump and Dumps are almost every day, same pattern.
The Pumper needs liquidity to exit his positions, and gets people to buy the stock so he can exit his large position slowly. You can simply avoid this buy not doing anything! If you do nothing, then he is a current large holder of a coin! Which means he may not ever be able to exit his position.

So if you think you know someone who is possible tricking you into buying a certain COIN. Its best to get all the people he's tricking together and not buy his next magical high % gain pick. By avoiding buying at all this fellow can be stuck in his low volume coin. GOOD LUCK!
Adchain is releasing important milestones in the next couple of months.
Price broke out his 200 sat support area and has been in an uptrend for a month.
Volume is increasing steadily.

What indicators should I look for to detect that it's a PnD ?
so who is this person "tricking" us into buying a coin to pump it? Granted some are just simple pump and dumps, but not all of them are. There are countless coins and any could be doing anything at any given moment. They are called Elliot impulse waves and follow a set of rules/guidelines.
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