After partnering with NEO; ADX is moving quickly; We have been informed that another partnership is coming up. ADX is the first and most powerful decentralized block chain ad exchange looking to revolutionize the advertising world. ADX looks steady it shows good support near the 0.00025 if it breaks continue buying near 0.00020 (Major support)
By request ahossny
評論: Nead support line
評論: touch support line, not good movement
Is it still possable? $adxbtc back to support line and straight to 0.0008 at Sep 20, I am waiting for.
@supermaxpax3d dude are you in trouble with Adex? Did you buy it on TOP? Every ADX chart you tell "buy now" lolz.
@thegod, not
adex oversold, buy now
@ your last comment: that depends on how you draw the support line.. yours is not touching or crossing some candles if you zoom in ;-) if you paint the support line from lower wick to lower wick it has not been touched yet.. aaaand.. on the other hand... this support line lines up with a strong support area - couldn't that be a good sign too ?

here is another projection of the whole thing...

+1 回覆
yeah no shit ! Thanks for the update lol! Its kinda of lame for a trader to make his "living" from shilling PnD's
your target is 4x, but on the chart the fib level is not 4x the entry?
i am a big fan of you please draw your experience about GAME/BTC please please please !!! i am waiting
It's down now... what to do
tnguta yessirali
@yessirali, sell and wait for break out
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