AION looking for a breakout!

I have used 2H time-frame for short-term trading. AION made it's ATH and had a decent correction recently. It found support on 43500 stoshi. At the moment, it's on 53800 stoshi and it's trying to breakout.


Buy Limit: 48500-52500 Stoshi (If you want to get in now)
Sell Target 1: 66,270 Stoshi (Short-Term)
Sell Target 2: 86,120 Stoshi (Few-days)

Long-Term Targets:
This might take few weeks, but AION is launching their testnet this month. This will be huge. It's a solid project with amazing team. It ain't a shit coin. It can climb upto 2 billion market cap because ICX and AION have same concept and yet ICX have 2.8B MC even though AION is better than ICX, just my opinion.

Sell Target: Multiple Targets from 150,000-245,000 stoshi, might take few weeks.

Warning: This is just my point of view, this might or might not be true. DYOR and then invest. You can place buy and sell limits differently based on your information.

Let me know what you think about it in comments below. And I will post an update if this gets 25 likes.
評論: Sell Target 1: Achieved.

The graph is very bullish now. This will go to Sell Target 2 within few days.
I think you're missing the major trendline on this graph. But I like your support line
IM All In This ONe. Major Sleeper.
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