AMD Bullish Butterfly fly pattern, 4 months in a row!

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At the end of the month, AMD is about to finish another harmonic pattern!
I don't mean to post AMD trades every month, but it looks like it could be a routine on my page lol.

The one in October didn't worked too well but it's still able to catch a 10-15% run,
Of course, all of these patterns were based on the rally since May.

Butterfly pattern is usually used to create a bear trap to bet for a fake breakdown , put the out below 9.8 is a must!
To be honest, I believe trade has the lowest winning percentage among the 4, but it also has the best price possible.

A good intraday reversal sign is still a must for the entry of this trade!
Here comes the inside week!
A worth trading one I believe!
The inside week breakout as a reversal sign confirmation entry is a nice and clean trade yo!