AMD, Another 0.618,2618, and inside day combination

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One month ago I posted this trade on TradingView and it became one of the most powerful education material for 2618 trade;
This time the 2618 looks even more significant, and it could be another chance to long.

Noted that whenever using inside bar as confirmation entry, a 1:1 1st kick of the inside bar itself is a MUST.
So there are actually 2 trades possible: 1. inside bar breakout 2. 2618 entry right here.

A higher winning percentage needs a larger room for the stock to run and means less position and longer duration;
A great risk-reward ratio with smaller risk allows larger positions and faster result, while it could be stopped out more often.
Both are meaningful but they are at the 2 sides of a scale, so find a good equilibrium and a most suitable way for yourself is more important.

It gave a daily shooter, which is even better for this trade!
Got the 1st kick @ 13.40
put some of the out below 13.00
nice bounce! change my out to 13.40
it'll be at least a 1:1 trade anyway!