AMP/BTC Elliotts waves, Fibonacci lvl and prediction.

AMP done nice 12345 Elliotts Waves with extended 3rd wave. After that came ABC retracement (which is healthy). Now "C" wave of the correction stopped at 0.618 Fib. lvl             which would be perfect to start another 12345 count.
As it goes with alts, they're highly sticked to BTC             . If BTC             will fall even further we can see some lower lvls in smaller alts.
BTC             showing both: bullish and bearish formations ( Head and Shoulders and Falling Wedge on 1h charts) so we can only wait and see, what's gonna happen.

Always play with stop-loss, dont take things for granted. Everyone can be wrong and so do I. There's nothing like 100% certainty in trading.
That's exactly what I was thinking of when I analisis the RDD"s chart early this morning. This one is perfectly stuck to E.Waves
Stef_Gee Stef_Gee
Sorry, I meant "AMP" ... to much chart open here on monitor