Amazon hit the fence finally

114 5
2.618 fib from 2008L to 2013H
hi, pantheo, nice serie of charts, always pleasure to open them :)

amzn showed awesome hourly pinbar on friday, bullish hammer like hell

here my parabolic studies, 1 fib @845 showed nice reaction

not over imo, lets see, 1074 is 1.618x

look4edge look4edge
pantheo look4edge
@look4edge, thnks man! It's extremely difficult for me to read black backgrounded charts. I have dyschromatopsia to a certain level and small letters particularly in red or blue is a pain. It not big hassle pls post the one with the fib in white background. Cheers, thnks.P.
look4edge pantheo
@pantheo, i see, here for you in b&w

pantheo look4edge
@look4edge, cool thnks! yes,logical assumption. If close below your wedge TL from 2016/17 highs though, might be in for a pullback. Most of tech stocks I check look like they had the same effect, fall back after 52 highs i.e. buying climax. In total 35% of Nasdaq 100 suffered from this, the most in the last 20 years. Two negative shocks in the same month. Trivia says that pattern appeared before 87, 00, 07 highs:-) all the best my friend, take care! P.
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