$ANT might break out soon

BITTREX:ANTBTC   Aragon / Bitcoin
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This time I have a smaller coin for you all.
I've picked it up earlier this week, seeing it bottoming and starting a little upmove.
For now, it has smaller volume and not really picked up by the crowd but we all know how quick this can change in cryptos!

On the bigger timeframe we can see an early pump, followed by a deep retrace and it seems to be bottomed out. A typical pattern we see in many other alts nowadays.
On smaller timeframe we can see the candles moving towards the upper trendline , it almost broke out today and is making a correction right now. It seems to me that this is a bullish pattern and we might see continuation of the move up and maybe acceleration.
Worst cases scenario is a little more downside towards bottom level but it looks very likely to me that we'll see a break out soon.

Tradingadvice: buy a small portion on break out
Target: once picked up by the crowd and some coming developments, this might do an easy x3-x4
SL: below bottomline

Do you have a target range on the bullish side, I don't see it on the charts?
@TMAN88, way too early to determine
Been following this for a few weeks. 1 day chart hit new lows and it's bouncing between previous and current low. Keep a sharp eye on this.
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Crypto_Ed WiredShut
@WiredShut, looks to me as a matter of time before it breaks out
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