$WAVES seems to be ready to break out

BITTREX:WAVESBTC   Waves / Bitcoin
WAVES had a long period of retracing but seems to have bottomed out and is already slightly moving up.
It seems that quite some news is coming out in the next weeks, so we might be at the beginning of a long awaited bullrun.

MACD is already in green, a bit more volume would be highly appreciated to support a possible break out.

Trading advise: just watch it, put your alerts on hte trendline, wait for the breakout and a correction formin a bullish pattern .
Ballsy traders could enter now, we're pretty close to the bottom.

評論: Breaking out
評論: Broke out, corrected in bullis pattern and is leaving the station right now. You shouldn't miss this ride
評論: WAVES did a nice run up, beyond my short term target box.
Looks as it is making a bigger ABC correction right now. If this comes true, it will retrace back down into the blue box and bounce from there towards next box.
Tradingadvice: keep your eyes on that blue trendline for a break to the upside or (if it goes deeper), watch priceaction in the blue box.

評論: Went into the blue box (=possible bounce area) as expected.
Should bounce from here.


Wow! Pretty big sell wall on Bittrex... Is it trap?
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Any update on this one? Touched bottom of triangle again..
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I do not think it will be up now, it is struggling beyond a resistance level that yesterday is its support threshold.
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''ballsy'' traders lol
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Any possible targets for the next bull run?
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@adr1an, on the longer run I'm looking towards 0,00300-350
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Tox1city Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, With the coming of the new wave wallet and some big announcements in October I think you're right on this.
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mendrek Tox1city
@Tox1city, source for October 1 announcements?
Tox1city mendrek
@mendrek, Sorry, I mean they announced NG implementation is coming in October. This means the network will be upgraded to allow hundreds of transactions per second. Also they will release the new DEX (Decentralised Exchange) in October.
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HPR1979 Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, what would you consider "longer run" for this?

Thanks for the call btw!
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