* Updated * APPC Long for the long way

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Hey guys

I've been following APPC for the last few days and left my work there to show you proof of concept. Maybe new traders can learn some things - like when to exit a trade and how to build trends. :)

I'm new to trading myself therefore my layouts may seem a bit strange.

Entry points : 17, 19, 21
Exit points : 35, 40, 45

I've ranked entry and exit points according to risk/reward.

Entries : Low means the lowest possible entry. Higher risk to reach - higher reward potential. Med is the safe bet. High is the highest possible entry with least risk, because once we pass the 23 for example here, we've confirmed the bull trend and it's a very safe entry. technically that would be the safest entry.

Exits : Low means your safest exit and least reward potential. Med is the safe bet. High is the highest possible reward with the highest risk of getting there.

APPC looks like a good team with good tech behind it and this one could potentially be a great coin to hold for 1 - 6 months. :) Use your discernment as always NOTE : I'll be including a screenshot without the FIB blocking so you can see the wave pattern more clearly below.

Check out the light blue lines
評論: Ignore the low stop on that screenshot. I've adjusted that on the main idea.
評論: I would be entering right now - however I'm waiting on an ETH transaction to finish.
評論: Bottom'd at 16.5
We'll see where this momentum takes us in the short term.
交易結束:達到停損點: 17.5k stop loss triggered if you're following the main idea.
Hey bud, thoughts on current situation? Looks good to me. We could see a seriously nice pump over the next week if BTC behaves okay.
any updates boss? I'm hoping the 4 hour/daily keeps us above 16K and we might see a nice bounce.
@kitkat16, that would've been ideal. I think we have BTC to blame for that one. Breaking the support at 19k has sent momentum in this direction and I personally don't know when it'll stop.

Two possible scenarios :

We play between here and 9k as a bottom. Anything lower shows bear are in total control - until they aren't of course haha.

We go back to the bottom fib and hover around 16-17k as BTC settles down. If it does. That would show strong bull support and we'd be looking at a push up over the next few days, again dependent on BTC.

Stop losses at 17.5k have hit as far this trade's concerned. Sorry man. Gonna be a bloody few days IMO. Good to take note of anything that can hold as BTC falls.
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goodassliving goodassliving
@goodassliving, I said we have BTC to blame for that one - but on second thought - once we broke the 19k support we were headed down and that was before BTC started to really tank if I recall correctly.
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kitkat16 goodassliving
@goodassliving, all good bud, still a great project, everything getting massacred right now! Bloodbath!
If you get any sense of channels or swing trades etc give us a yell.
Much appreciated again...darn BTC getting in the way. Arggg. lol
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starting to move baby!
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@kitkat16, big candle! let's see if we keep momentum
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kitkat16 goodassliving
@goodassliving, 23,500 is the resistance target right?
@kitkat16, yep first 22 then 23.5 if we break those we're golden. Still likely to see a correction of course, but should hold above our entries.
hey mate, any ideas on time frame for this one? Like days or week? (or months?)
Obviously not easy to pinpoint but do you think we'll see some action as BTC rises? Seems to run similarly with BTC's rises/falls this one.
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