APPC, APP coins who's ready for wave 3?

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
Ok, so the previous count I posted was incorrect.I was concerned that wave 4 had entered wave 1 territory (this is not allowed), but it's apparently okay as long as it's only the wick of the candle, not the body of the candle. Using the line plot instead of the candle plot confirms that wave 4 did no enter wave 1 territory.
So this is the count as I see it now.
Expect a bullish wick at the bottom of this bullish wedge- might be a good buy point-although slightly risky. I have circled.

Bullish divergence and MACD look good too. Wave 3 should be 1.618 times the size of wave 1, perhaps 2.618 if it's an extended wave 3- which we may very well see.

Not financial advice.
評論: We might see a dip to 7000-7200 depending on what BTC does, but it looks like the C leg of this ABC has gone mostly sideways.
Shouldn't dip too much lower than 7300 (I hope lol).
Maybe this is Wave 5.
Wave 1 being on 2/5.
Wave 2 end on 2/15.
2/15 never went lower than 2/5 price.

Just a thought.
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rob2093124 rob2093124
@rob2093124, I meant that Wave 4 may be completing. Either way, another wave up will occur.For some reason, can't see your last comment here.. only in my notifcations... which I can't see all of
Nice analysis. My only concern with APPC is the possible continuation of BTC's bull run. It seems to be, temporarily, stalling the smaller cap alt coin runs. I've closed my trade on APPC, but ready to jump back in when BTC is no longer affecting it.
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kitkat16 T17Heathen
@T17Heathen, hey mate, i wouldn't worry about it. The APPC whales will get the ball rolling with a pump and off we go. I give it 2 -3 days max before a huge wave 3 run here.
kitkat16 kitkat16
@kitkat16, when half of China logs into binance and sees its up 25% again they'll be on board again- a lot wouldve missed out on wave 1 due to uncertainty.
I see 13500 sats minimum wave 3 peak.
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