APPCBTC Updated Graph

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
More detailed, updated version of my previous graph. Another chance to buy it for %45 profit.

Graph is simple; It can follow two different way but targets are same.

First target is 0.000195 and then second target is 0.000220.

The risk is less then some other new altcoins because APPC didn't faced with any pump so I don't expect any dumping on it. The increment is because of projects business model and value so you can also think long term investment on APPC as well.

Good Luck!

交易進行: I am holding because It's still in uptrend. it's not the best way that we prefer but it was one of options. For eliminating your risks you can define stop loss in 0.000130. Please check previous graph as well.

Good Luck!
手動結束交易: Unfortunatelywith BTC fall we lost uptrend and now we see horizontal movements.

We have support around 0,000120 and we have psychological support in 0,000100. Therefore I don't see too much risk in existing price and I am holding my position.

Good Luck!!
That didn't go as planned so far
it has followed his charted path exactly... retracement to trend line at 13k sats. @FloTi,
going on board, great post, thx buddy ;)
thanks keep updated please!!
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