Is ARK future google of Cryptoccurency ? Update #1

BITTREX:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
I would like point out few important things I found on the chart.
We witnessed 3 major waves (not Elliot's) during the past year. Every wave finished with nice spike yellow circles.
Every wave correction finished before or very close to Fibonacci level 14.6%.
Every time it get close to this level double or even tripe bottom was formed which I marked with blue scarabs

There is saying three times charm, but be aware that 5 is a magical number as well. me 3000 is a very solid support...
…If my idea is correct we can expect target around 30k as I mentioned in my previous one. Link below

There is probably a lot more on this chart like for example look how the retracements are double in value in every wave so far. First U have 8200 then double close to the 16000 another one 32000.

...Yes these values are stretched a little bit to match the double ratio like in most cases in technical analysis . I'm trying to point out that this pair actually is moving in harmonic fashion and spikes and bottoms are not random like in the other pairs
VERY NICE! I have had this same chart setup for a few days and loaded up around .00033 Satoshi. Fib projection levels look great as well
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