$ARK ready to bounce after long ABC correction

BITTREX:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
3883 11
ARk made a long ABC correction and is closing in on the possible bounce area (blue box).
The correction went deeper as expected at first sight, but is almost complete now. (see previous set up for ARK below)
As we can see biggest part of this correction is in a corrective pattern, so I have been waiting some days/weeks already for this moment. Suc a corrective pattern is a clear sign that it will break to the upside, just a matter of time. Now we're reaching the blue box, the break out can happen any monent.

On lower timeframe we can see that its alreay closing in on the trendline and trying to breakout. Its showing a Trend Continuation Pattern after the last candles up.

Once break out happens, I'm expecting a 5 waves up move towards the blue box. This is mid-long term.
Please read again.... mid-long term,so not next week!

Tradingadvise: ballsy traders jump in now (as bouncing area is not that far away).
More conservative traders wait for the break out and buy when a TCP is formed (see link below for breakout trading)

Happy trading!
Awesome charting, one of my favorite here on TV.
Some quick questions so pls answer when you have time.
1. Do you use LOG scale on your charting or no?
- is this valid considering fib on ew?
i remember when i bought ark at 6k satoshi... what a nice ride :)
just hodl it
look like a hiting point in my chart too
Folowing ARK some time! B @ 70k
i didn't see this pattern and started to get wet feet. thanks Ed!
LOL love the disclaimer "not next week", great TA sir!
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