$ark about to fly?

BITTREX:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
Unusual call for me as its not really based on my usual TA but scrolling to some charts, I noticed this one.....
Pump-accumulation-pump-accumulation-pump-starting a little upmove instead of falling back.

I have no clue about anything of this coin, just observing the chart. Pls do your own research and share your thoughts here!

評論: Formed this pattern, nice bounce today.
First target on the chart

評論: My feeling was right, showing a nice uptrend last 2 days.
I'm pretty bullish about this one, might be the start of a big move up.
評論: We've reached first target....we might see some correction here but I'm aiming for much higher

評論: Target reached and retracing a bit and testing the broken trendline.
Might drop a bit into the blue box but i dont expect much more downside.
Longer view is up!

評論: Closing in on ATH, might go wild from there, this is the more relaxed route:


Thanks Ed.
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TP reached. Well done! Feel sad for your ban, hope you can come back with a new account.
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