Next push for $BCC $BCH?

BCC -1.54% / BCH 0.90% made a 5 waves up, followed by an ABC correction.
According to my rules, the correction was enough. it hit my target box.
Technically, I'm expecting a new push up which would mean that this 1-5 move was just the first leg in a much bigger perspective (oh dear). RSI confirms more upside is possible. MACD shows healthy growth.
Looking at the market, I'm expecting more downside for btc and the sentiment is also pointing to a furhter pump in BCC -1.54% .

Be carefull, its obvious that this is a pump. Use proper moneymanagement and use stoploss.
Buy the breakout! Check my link "how to trade breakouts" below for further explanation.
SL can be determined when we have the breakout, price could drop a few $ more before the breakout what would make calling a SL now useless.
評論: If breakout doesnt come, we might make a bigger correction.
That's why I trade "after breakout"

評論: Breaking out already before reaching my targeted bounce area.
First target on the chart

評論: Target only valid when it continues this breakout, might see some retest or consolidation first
評論: It took a longer road, but reached my target box


well forcasted..!
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Any updates?
BCC is breaking out again....
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