ARN +600% yesterday, will it continue today?

BINANCE:ARNBTC   Aeron / Bitcoin
Tradingview doing some maintenance, so I'm keeping this short
評論: Everything was moving in 6 hour blocks, up and down yesterday with a total of 19 hours from lowest point to highest. So if it continues today:

評論: ARNBTC is on target so far:
Check out Horizon Communications [HRZN] ICO https://horizoncomm.co Providing 4G LTE Wireless Internet Services, launching in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands with plans for additional countries in the Caribbean and Central America.
Is the 50K target still affordable? This coin is making me bleed!!!
renesis Asdrubale90
@Asdrubale90, My sweet summer child.
+1 回覆
@renesis, I'm sorry "The Wolf of Wall Street"
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This coin it's a scam!!! Whitepaper does not make sense. Totally bad promotional video. Dev team like ex-KGB. They thawed 1M of coins (without pronouncing) during P & D to profit. The FOMO can sustain the currency for a while, however it is doomed to failure!!!
xellos gregorysantos
@gregorysantos, does it matter if you make money on the trade. Feel free to watch ...

Get in get out keep your profit
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@xellos, I made 200%, but this coin is a fraud :)
gregorysantos gregorysantos
@gregorysantos, coins like this end up with the credibility of cryptos
Rofxod gregorysantos
@gregorysantos, If you have anything good to say just stfu! you are making others lose money! just stfu and go on with your life
@Rofxod, I wanted to help... wtf, look this coin man if you support this, it is you who are making others lose money
if I may ask...how long have you been trading crypto and being on tradingview?
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