ARN Aeron - Bitcoin

BINANCE:ARNBTC   Aeron / Bitcoin
Ok where to start... Bullish signals all over.

Bullish Pennant / Wedge with 3 reaction highs and 3 reaction lows..

Notice how we broke down yesterday to shake out the weak hands / crypto noobs but the price recovered within minutes from nearly 100% short.

Roughly 80 million coins have been burned leaving just 20,00000 coins to be in circulation with a current circulating supply of 13,00000 in my opinion its not going to take look for ARN to reach $50 just look at what Nebl has achieved in the last week and look at the concept of ARN and im sure you will be a believer just like me...


ocak ayndan beri ayni yerde sürünmüs. yuh.
still very bearish signs
at the moment with lots of bad publicity recently for the company
Ckeefe420 IdanLichter

Bad publicity could you explain?
Ckeefe420 IdanLichter
@IdanLichter, I'm sure you was saying sumthing right? Go back to the books lol
Only bearish sign is the macd on daily chart
Ckeefe420 retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, correct but sell volume has dropped only aggressive bearish push backs to accumulate before the next push soooo Buckle up :)
Yeap yeap yeap...bring it on! Next week be huge
Haha yes !
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