AUDCHF 4hr demand zone as AUDUSD and USDCHF are both bullish.

FX:AUDCHF   澳幣/瑞士法郎
AUDUSD just broke its inside week and inside day, good enough to turn bullish ;
USDCHF just retraced to its 0.618 and 1.0000 fig demand zone , which are also awesome.

Accordingly, I'll be interesting in taking some AUDCHF long to combine both ideas.
Here we got this 4hr demand zone off the 0.7100 fig.
Quite a good long entry for this idea yo!

Let's see how it goes!
Mar 19
交易結束:達到停損點: Stopped out lol~

Nice Joe ! We have the same bias for this pair ? Any target range in mind ? I'm expecting at least a retest of 0.715

Good luck !
Thanks sir for your nice idea , here is my humble view. i think it is more a short than a long
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