Boeing - How high can it fly?

Boeing - How high can it fly?

Boeing             has gone supersonic and is close to leap into space... But is this time different and it will become weightless or will gravity             make its influence pull Boeing             back down? You can be sure that it's the later that will win causing a major plunge in a not too distance future.

The reward to risk ratio no longer favor staying long in Boeing             . Wave 3/ of 5 has already seen a 500% extension of wave 1/ and is close to being a 161.8% extension of wave 1 through wave 3 added to the low of wave 4.

I expect wave 3/ will peak at 295.75 for a correction towards at least 255 and maybe even closer to 231 before the final spike higher to 311 to complete wave 5/ of 5. This will be when gravity             finally will pull Boeing             back to earth, for a strong decline to 175.50.

Don't fall in love and fly away with Boeing             at these levels...
評論: No time for a correction here. Went straight through the calculated target at 310.58 and the next target is seen at 359.80.
I still think one should be careful and that Boeing is flying in thin air, but trying to dictate the Market for sure don't work.
I have a good stake in BA myself, I've surprised by the uptrend, but could it be time for this to start dropping? Thoughts.
@brawnd, +1
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