$BAT held pretty strong in the BTC storm, expecting a big move

BITTREX:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
I'm noticing that BAT held pretty well during last days.
It was about to break out when the BTC dumps started and alltough it tanked some %, I still have the feeling that a strong rise is around the corner.
Looking at the chart, it feels for me that it's brewing and we might see an easy new ATW once it breaks out.
Looking at the chart, I see this pennant , volume is rising. MACD on 60m just turned bullish again and 240 seems to follow.
The blue box is the zone which I see as the zone where it stayed more or less during BTC's stormy days.

Trading advice: wait for a breakout and buy after a bullish pattern or consolidation.
Target mid term: new ATH (previous was 0.000129)

I must admit, its more a feeling as Technically based. Last time I had this feeling was ARK just before this big bullrun. (link below).

Maybe BAT has a nice surprise, lets see!
評論: bullflag on 60min


I am pretty sure you're going to update today letting us know that it's retesting this Blue line resistance and then up up and away xD xD
Any update?
Or it's still the same as written on top?
Hi Crypto_Ed!

Job, like always, well done!

Do u by any chance have a target?

trendline broken
Do you have a buy zone for this yet?
mooneymoonman bcsebastiaan
@bcsebastiaan, id like to know that too.
Crypto_Ed bcsebastiaan
@bcsebastiaan, safest bet is after the breakout
Hey this could coincide with the release of BAT mercury- the update. So TA + FA wise looks good?
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