$BCH $BCC #BitcoinCash has some bullish signals upcoming

BITTREX:BCCBTC   Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin

1-Day Indicators / Oscillators:

Tenkan-San - Loading the guns here. Tenkan line is position to make a push up into the Kijun and through the thin cloud (preparing bull)

Price - Price has crossed from below to above the Kijun (bull)

MACD - Bullish twist with fast moving average crossing from below to above the slow moving average (bull)

Stoch - Would like to see the fast moving average maintain a top position relative to the slow moving average and linger below 75 (neutral)

OBV - Volume has been upward trending, but has plateaued recently. Some upcoming new could initiate movement ( bullish )

Bollinger Bands - Bands starting to constrict. Tightening bands signify more conservative movement, but prolonged tight bands beget high velocity. Transition from lower channel to upper channel. Look for separation of bands and price to hug upper band upward.

Look for:

1. Tenkan cross upward
2. Price remaining above Kijun
3. MACD fast remaining above slow moving average
4. Stoch fast remaining above slow lingering above 50
5. OBV continual upward trending volume (sustainability)
6. Once "The Squeeze" ends, bands expand and price rides upper band


4-Hour Chart nearly kumo breakout, but MACD and Stoch unfavorable.

Upcoming events to spur bullish movement:
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