BITTREX:BCCBTC   Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin
follow up on my original long idea, ended up accumulating a little and since then BCC has went sideways
volume a bit thin for now, I'd keep a close eye on this one for reasons stated above

in regards to volume catalysts, first organized BCH meet up is today in London, and tomorrow is the BCH candy fork, the first BCH fork so hopefully that can generate enough steam to break said cloud!
交易進行: forming a symmetrical triangle on the 1H, expecting a breakout/fakeout here as most of the time these tend to break in the direction of the existing trend
評論: wouldn't panic if it goes back to test previous ~.180 support since that would be a nice bullflag setup, overall still looking like a good setup
交易結束:達到停損點: stopped out at .180
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