BTC...We Are Just Getting Started !!

Watch the relationship between channels and how once a channel is broken either way a new game begins or ends !!
評論: Check The 2013 top at 1150 $ once the upper channel top and how it became the genesis channel dip around march 2017 starting a new game to the moon !!!
評論: just to note that BTC had massive bounce to the blue channel and stayed there due tehcnological innovations (CPU-GPU mining 2011-2012) - (GPU-ASIC mining 2013 -2014) also transaction volumes vs adoption , usecases (payments etc..) were very high compared to the current sistuation..

BTC needs a new TECHNOLOGICAL TRIGGER according to historical data and Gartner Hype cycle theory to get back again to the green channel and beyond !
評論: the introduction of segwit and news of wall street adoption in 2016 triggered an INFLATED EXPECTATION (check gartner hype cycle) that PEAKED around 20K ..
Very nice analisis. This is the reason why I'm holding %40 in case of a catastrophe scenario. Do you think we will break to the upper channel, or dip to the lower green chanel?
i like that moon channel but i dont agree how you have drawn these channels. but i have this bookmarked to look back on and analyse should you proove me wrong
very interesting...
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