The Journey to 1 Million ( THE BITCOIN STANDARD )

A projection for future bitcoin price and trends based on transaction/adoption curve and historical trends and data.
評論: BTW I drew Tranasction volume growth curve assuming all the tehcnological developments implemented liek LN etc.. otherwise it will be very difficult to scale and keep the market dominance !
評論: 100K in Play ?
@elshanti it would be too easy, I mean we haven't seen enough blood yet. It's so easy for whales to manipulate the market, if they have 100000 BTC then if they start to dump them panic kicks in, people start to sell off and they buy them back much cheaper. Rinse-repeat
elshanti Sigmaniac77
@Sigmaniac77, was it too easy to go from 63 $ to 1150$ after it crashed from 250 $ ? if it was easy then it can be easy again !
elshanti elshanti
@elshanti, this thing is bipolar.. you never know ! always be preapred ;)
You should review this forecast, it's looking good ;)

Also if 1 BTC = 1,000,000 USD then 1 satoshi = 1 US cent. Very convenient!
excellent !
Great projection, I really like all the work you put up.
I'm of the same belief as you atm. I feel like a mini bear market is very likely and that we will eventually resume the parabolic run
Have a look at my idea here if you'd like

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