BITFINEX:BCHBTC   Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin
After we will break resistance line of
交易結束:目標達成: First target raeched
評論: Still looking up


update pls
Hey guyz it doesn't matter if you buy some altcoin for bitcoin, and the price alt/btc is going down, if the price of alt/usd is going up, you are in profit, even if you can't sell this alt for usd.
noremac13 PanPrezesJohny
@PanPrezesJohny, Except you would have made more profit if you just held your BTC in that case instead of trading it for some shitcoin.
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@noremac13, Lol no, made ma money x50 this year. Btc would give me only about x12
noremac13 PanPrezesJohny
@PanPrezesJohny, You can't compare trading to holding, of course trading is always going to make you more in the short term vs holding because you are buying low and selling high. What happens if every time BTC hit a high you sold, and bought back in on the dip? It wouldn't just be x12 anymore because you would have more BTC at the end of the year.
Looks like it will drop into the 1500 before going up again. No expert though.
any ideas on bitcoin gold btc please anyone ?
Guess BTC topping keeping BCH from mooning for now.
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@EXCAVO what do you think about this now? thanks.
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