Mkt cap down, BCH stable

BITSTAMP:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
Interesting to note that the market cap is down 140B in 2 days, but BCH is still moving along it's channel with no disruption. I've been wathcing BCH for some time and have not noticed this type of interaction - in weeks past it has been dippping with everything else.

A sign of strength? Or indication that BCH will continue to move independently once the market expands again.

Hi. I felt this in my bones. Top4 cryptomarkets are hot. First BTC chilled. XRP has settled already. ETH is a slow monster that could correct now. BCH is invisible. Point.
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Good observation..
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Im no export with charts but after several years of watching the market Im just starting to feel comfortable with understanding this process. in my humble opinion there are not enough people mentioning the overall market cap as well as the dominance %. The sudden rise with ripple and eth following behind reminds me of exactly what happened in 2013=2014 ( same news same story "Ripple will overtake BTC blah blah" ) except this time we have BCH and my gut tells me, despite the FUD and bad news, BCH is a monster waiting to explode. Just my opinion but thank you for the chart. This is my first comment on here and I appreciate your work. I will follow.
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Pandaiga atomica
@atomica, It's definitely looking to make a strong move soon. Due to the low volatility since the 1st, I'm thinking a breakout will be very fast moving - in either direction it goes. That said, I'm optimistic along with you because of reasons you mention, as well as news coming in a few days.
Nice analysis taking Market cap into consideration
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EtherSwinger EtherSwinger
@EtherSwinger, Maybe the declining in MCap is what preventing BCH from breaking out. Yet with its strength, it is able to sustain good support
Pandaiga EtherSwinger
@EtherSwinger, That would be a great sign for anticipating future movement. We'll definitely learn something about BCH as the market cap comes back up and we see how this progresses.
Nice Post.
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Pandaiga Bitcpd027
@Bitcpd027, Appreciate it.
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