Hello Traders,

If you believed all the BTC lovers... BCH is dead.... well I am here to tell you, big things will be happening in MAY. BCH will show the world what cryptocurrency can do!

BTCUSD 1.79% brokc through the major trend line and is now desperately trying to climb above it, but facing massive overhead resistance (it will take a small miracle to break through)
which just means at this present time BCH will be dragged with it... to the bottom of the channel $515.00... BCH Loves the channel has been there for months, so I think the support should hold... if not we will see lower lows at the next support zone 280-300 area.

I don't know about you... but second chances don't come around all too often and getting BCH at at August 2017 prices seems like something we all thought would never happen again after the December ATH . So go ahead take that risk... grab that second chance... you will be happy you did!

What you don't get told is that Elliott wave on average corrects to 83% of the ATH and sometimes as much as 99.9%

So is the BCH correction normal? YES...
Is it healthy... YES...
Do the charts currently look really nasty... YES...

But what happens after a correction is finished.... the price bounces... A LOT! I don't know how low we are going to go... but what I do know... I'll have my shopping bag ready!

Safe and happy trading!

Remember minimise your risk, use a stop loss. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Legal stuff - I'm not financial adviser. Just a few quick thoughts - remember you sit at your computer, you push the buttons...

PS.... I expect a few haters comments and I'm sure I have heard it all before....
評論: Looks likely $515 will be seen in the next week or 2.... get your fiat ready!
Lisa N Edwards
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What’s happening in May?
LisaNEdwards Taniaviews
@Taniaviews, Do you follow Dr Craig Wright on twitter.... he is hinting at Smart Contracts, like ETH has but better
I stopped looking at the graph last month after 1050 support was broken, been busy working on adoption since then haha. So I haven't done TA in a while but I totally agree with you. Elliott wise I lost count 1 month ago, my best guess is we are in a bearish impulse (probably contained in your channel). For now the rocket is being fueled. By the way, the Deconomy conference could be a nice excuse to break out of this channel on the upside.

Long term, there is so much innovation going on in bch right now that it is even hard to keep track of. Extremely bullish. All in since November and I keep loading at every dip haha ;)
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@guesswhat, AWESOME! I have been told a big announcement in MAY... so I will sit and wait like all for the announcement and hope it takes us higher :)
Its not about love or hate. Common sense tells me this coin started with a lie. I am personally not interested in it at all. I consider it a scam. I dont like roger ver at all.
Exactly like bitcoin gold. Bitcoin red. Bitcoin coin, bitkoin, bytecoin and so on.

This is only my opinion. Thanks for sharing yours. <3

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LisaNEdwards SorinBlajan
@SorinBlajan, Thanks for sharing yout opinion. I believe you don't buy a coin for the person, you buy it for the technology. There are many shady characters in Crypto (and by no way am I implying Roger is) Like him or not the technology of BCH is strong and only getting stronger IMO.
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SloppySeconds LisaNEdwards
@LNE, How is the tech strong? Am I missing something on their Github or is there not alot going on there.
tradewizz SorinBlajan
@SorinBlajan, Bitcoin Cash has strong fundamentals, it's focused on adoption and innovation. Privacy tools, smart contracts and paypal level speeds are all coming to BCH.
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SorinBlajan tradewizz
@tradewizz, jeez man, lets talk about the car we have, not what we want to buy if we find a better paid job and we finish the mortgage lol.

For now i think cash is king
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