BCHUSD 3 hour chart idea

I know some of you are getting a bit frustrated with my analysis on BCHUSD ... So let me just say this then (and I'm trying not to be negative any more with a fresh perspective as sometime it helps to step back and look at the whole forest and not focus on one tree...): If BCHUSD can stay above its bullish base line indicated by the red trend line I will turn bullish and we do have I think a couple of opportunities to do that. If however, it breaks below this bullish base line then I will turn bearish , and I think this is a fair and reasonable call.
評論: notes on the chart

Thank You. Things do appear to have slowed down
graham.edwards84 mayankjainmay
@mayankjainmay, tough to post a target until we can establish the direction of this coin and whether it will remain bullish or break down but I will keep a bullish outlook until it proves otherwise
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mayankjainmay graham.edwards84
@graham.edwards84, okay.. thank you so much sir
Hopefully we will be bullish :D
Again everthing depends on Btc of it drops all coins uncluding Bch follow if it recover same pattern :-)
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saveid CryptoCyberpunk
@MiljanMarkovic, but it wasn't true for last drop:

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