BCH the 3 Month Winner - Who will Outperform the Next 3 Months

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With all the publicity Bitcoin' has received over the past three months you would think that it is outperforming the market. Well it's not and actually has done just a little better than Litecoin' over the same period of time. Now up until now we owned all these coins in our core portfolio with the exception of Monero'. Well if you look at the chart you can see why I added it.

The clear winner over the past few months has been Bitcoin' Cash! And by 2 horse lengths! But can it continue and who will lead the pack over the next 3 months. Well it's clear that the market has an appetite for "WORKING PRODUCTS". Even Ripple has outperformed OmiseGo and Neo. This is why we look for working products, market penetration and great teams. These coins have outperformed most speculative coins but this is a marathon and not a sprint .

Clearly my new add Monero is my first choice to outperform the next 3 months. Up until recently it has outperformed the rest of the market significantly with the exception of BCH' which has had a come to Jesus moment! DASH' is keeping up but it's a lot more expensive and it is easier for a $160 stock to get to $1600 then a $600 stock to go to $6000 or a $9000 stock to go to $90,000. So what about Litecoin'? This is my second choice and though I personally do not think it is as good as numerous other coins out there, it is relatively cheap and moreover it is traded on coinbase and as they are adding 30k accounts a day! It should get a boost just because it's on an insured exchange and in the US you have 2 choices when buying cryptos for the most part. But as a long shot I'm going to throw in OMG'! Yes it's still does not have a working product but they are getting close. (allegedly). I like they are using the ETH' platform and they had their first product demo day on the 23rd. They also have strong investments from Venture Capital groups which is important as they have access to details we do not as average Joe investors. Let's not forget Vitalik himself is an adviser along with Gavin Wood and a host of other who's who in crypto! Not to mention they are marketing as if they have a working product. I imagine it will be all out when they get one.

So from looking at the charts, Monero is definitely the clear choice and as I posted this morning I have bought some and plan on buying more. But OmiseGo is my long shot. I mentioned buying a $3 coin and it running to $300, well this could be the one. Now this does not downplay DASH' or ETH'. I expect to see continued growth from both of these especially DASH', but like I said it's easier for a $8 coin to go to $80 then a $600 coin to get to $6000. This is why I see bitcoin' cash starting to level out around $3200 if it continues as it should. For disclosure I will probably adjust my portfolio as BCH' is overweight due to it's recent run and our original entry was around $300, but I still think it has one more wave in it so I will wait to see how it pans out.

Bottom line, blue chips have done me well in the stock market and I cannot emphasize to young investors that your money needs to be mainly in blue-chip coins as well. I have a buddy that was in all these "penny coins" and though he was killing it at first he got crushed during the down turn and is yet to recover. Keep in mind as main street investors pour into the market they will be looking for blue chips to invest into, and not looking for speculative coins. But it is important that as large funds start coming in we monitor movements across the board as they have the money and the resources to pick out the best coins with the best chance of success.
Hey goldbug1, can you do the same thing but from january 2017?
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I am gonna invest on DASH or XMR
Até Roger Ver conhece você my friend. KKKK is Famous.... Escelent
thanks for the analysis goldbug1...
Thank you for the analysis!
substratum,ICON, maybe lisk or stratis
My black horse got wild:

abdqeb asbator
@asbator, I agree. ADA looks promising.
Thanks for your great advise, you're very inspiring to me. I will also go for the Mondero or Dash.
I'm quiet curious about the way other crypto currency change when user leave BTH
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amasilma spcottie
@spcottie, mondero worst coin ever
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