BCH breakout

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After a long time and failed attempts to break resistance, it seems that bch has finally done it. The chart speaks for itself.
If you have any question don't hesitate to ask, i will try to respond to everyone.
Good luck trading!
評論: Wait for more candles to appear above the downtrend line.
評論: If this would be the case of a fake breakout, we can expect another one where the red and green arrows touch
評論: Fib level 1 reached.
Profits who bought at 1500 = 25%.
Let's see if bch will rocket to 2800(fib level 1.618).
Good luck trading!
Your opinion on the BCC BTC? to what level can it rise? Thank you
DreamBlood nick.0dev
@nick.0dev, If you're converting bch to btc, it may wary. Let's say bitcoin stays somewhere in the 16k range for a few weeks, then i would say it can rise to 0.17, if it reaches my charts 1.618 fib level. Good luck!
What's target for BCH/BTC pair?
@ZaZa_, target - 0.17, but always keep an eye on bch/usd. Good luck!
Why is BCH falling with BTC?
@AKES, Now, because it's fighting the resistance line, altcoin pumps may have something to do with it (people selling btc because it's dropping and buying alts because they're going up , maybe it's the same with bch), i think in a few hours we're gonna see if bch holds. Good luck trading
still a long road to go :) what do you think when it's christmas, will it go up or maybe go down?
none of it matters if btc falls. everything is still coupled to btc
DreamBlood StuddMuffin
@StudMuffin, True, that's why you always need to have some usd laying around.
if i had a btg for every time someone had said this ;-)
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