Bullish bat of BCHUSD, Wait for confirmation

In 4H chart, there is a bullish bat of BCHUSD with entry D point near 280-290 level.

Wait for buy setup confirmation , since the MVA showing bearing signal.

SL can be put around 200 level, trade cautiously.
Oct 17
評論: Climbing up, and had already hit 400 level, buy dip and expecting hit 520 in mid-term
Oct 28
Hit 400 level, wait and buy the dip
Oct 30
Hit 500 successfully !
Bch testnet scaled to over 1gb it will boom.. matter of time xx thanks for the analysis xx
@SheriU, u are welcome, see more opportunities of cryptos in my posts if u like .
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What's your target?
@b1tc0n, well currently it is not as strong as bitcoin, thus I'd wait for confirmation to buy. TPs rather far according to this chart, around 544, 628 and 708.

But it may requires time and FA factors to boost. In short term trading I'd rather focus 361,386 and 411 levels.
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